True silver colloid or silver ions?

Our silver colloid is true silver colloid containing nano silver particles in a pure water suspension. It is amber in color distinguishing it from inferior ionic silver (which is, in fact, NOT a colloid). To learn more about the differences click here.

 How small is nano?

How to Use Antibacterial Colloidal Silver

  1. Oral Spray:  Mouth ulcers and bad breath. Gargle with silver colloid.

  2. Body Wash:  Apply generously; lather and wash off.

  3. Wound Healing:  Apply small amount of colloid to wound and cover with sterile gauze.

  4. Colloidal Concentrate 600ppm: A 50ml bottle is enough to mix 1 litre of colloid at 30ppm. Always use clean bottled water to dilute. For wounds requiring particular prevention from infection, spray concentrate directly onto the cut or abrasion.


At 30ppm our nano silver is among the most potent available. At 600ppm our concentrate is particularly potent.


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