Silver Colloid 125 ml spray

Silver Colloid 125 ml spray

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Bottles with pump

Silver Colloid is a well known water purifier. Many water filters use silver as their means of removing pathogens from the water.
Use three pumps of Silver Colloid per litre of water to purify water.

The 1 litre bottle comes with a free 50ml spray.

Spray Bottles

This all natural, hypoallergenic sanitiser maintains your skin's natural oils, leaving your hands soft and clean. Spray around your mouth and gums for fresher breath. Spray on your hands, tables and cutlery when eating out.

Spray on cuts, abrasions and burns.

Use it while you're on the go, or keep it at home for a healthy, bacteria-free household.

Nasal Spray

Use to moisten, soften and refresh nasal passages.

Concentration: 30ppm

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